The ups and downs of Eva Longoria’s love life

In 2013, Eva Longoria was ready to help other people achieve their happiness forever. She was executive producer of “ready for love“a matchmaking reality show that aimed to help three hopeful singles find true love. According to the hollywood reporterthe series was quickly canceled after two episodes, but all the love was not lost.

One of the bachelors on the show, Ernesto Arguello, ended up finding love with none other than Longoria. The actor confirmed his romance to People. “I think that’s why our relationship is so special: we really started out as friends,” Longoria explained. Although sources close to the couple said People headed towards marriage, the two confirmed that they separated just four months into their relationship.

A source detailing their breakup said People their hectic schedules made it difficult to make time for each other. “Eva is hard at work producing in Los Angeles, and Ernesto’s work is based in Honduras and Panama, making it difficult to coordinate their schedules,” the insider said. “They are still very good friends and adore each other despite everything.”

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