The unlikely celebrity who supported Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to leave the royal family

Following the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s resignation from the royal family, Nicki Minaj gave her two cents on the highly publicized affair. “[Who] think it’s great that Meghan Markle has left the UK with her husband? Can I speak my mind about that real quick?” Minaj asked during her podcast, “Radio Queen” (via People). “Congratulations to Harry, because let me tell you something, this is what I love about my husband. Real men always say: ‘A happy wife, a happy life,'” he declared.

Minaj continued to reflect on how Princess Diana died while trying to escape from the paparazzi. “If you’re being bullied in the media and you get sick of this shit and all you wanted was to marry the man you loved, then by God, yes, he should support you and get the hell out of here.” she declared.

Many have found Meghan’s life eerily similar to that of Princess Diana. Like the late princess, Meghan found herself under the microscope of the press, according to Well-informed person. As Princess Diana once shared: “The most daunting aspect was the media attention… I seemed to be on the front page of a newspaper every day, which is an isolating experience.” The outlet also noted how both Meghan and Diana spoke about the pressures of being royals and suffered from depression as a result. Fortunately, unlike Princess Diana, Meghan has people who have publicly supported her.

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