The unexpected offer that Britney Spears made to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – Nicki Swift

When talking about her dream job, Britney Spears had an unusual response. While one might expect the lifelong entertainer to choose something in the entertainment industry, her interests lay elsewhere.

“I met Brad Pitt once, but I would like to see him again,” Spears said during a Interview “Good morning Great Britain” in 2015. “And I would like to be your babysitter.” Since Pitt and former Angelina Jolie have six children, taking care of children would not be an easy task. However, Spears added that it sounded “fun” and explained that she wanted to work with children. If she wasn’t a musician, the singer told Good Morning Britain that she “would probably be a teacher or anything related to children or she would teach in a dance studio with a group of children.”

It appears that Spears may have an ulterior motive for making the offer. During a 2016 interview with Australia’s “Today” show, the singer said (via entertainment tonight), “My first celebrity crush was Brad Pitt,” adding, “Now he’s single!”

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