The unexpected club that Kate Middleton founded while she was in college

While at the University of St. Andrews, Catherine, Princess of Wales took matters into her own hands when it came to some very exclusive clubs. What Sun notes, many of the prestigious university’s clubs, including alcohol-related clubs, were for men only. Catherine wasn’t having it. She and some like-minded classmates founded a drinking society for themselves, after being “upset that the old men excluded women,” according to The Guardian. It may sound like a noisy effort, but Catherine didn’t let it become like that, at least for her. “[N]one remembers her getting very drunk,” noted The Guardian.

He might have created a drinking society, but life at St. Andrews was typical of the college experience in other ways. Catherine and Prince William lived in St. Salvators Hall during their first year at the school, according to Hello!, where they were fed “19 basic meals per week”. It certainly sounds like classic bedroom life, but at least there was alcohol to ease the experience.

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