The sweet tattoo that Taye Diggs got for her son – Nicki Swift

Like many artists, Taye Diggs is a fan of body art. He currently has 13 tattoos, including several works of art done by his son Walker. What’s particularly special about Diggs’ body art, though, is that he has two matching pieces. On his right arm, he has a tattoo that reads “Daddy loves Walker,” while on his other arm he says “Walker loves Daddy,” according to body art guru.

Diggs got the “Walker Loves Daddy” article in 2015, written in 5-year-old Walker’s adorable handwriting. He told HuffPost Live at the time that it was his favorite tattoo and that his left arm was “Walker’s arm,” according to US Weekly. “My little friend wrote ‘I love dad’ a couple of months ago. He’s going to be there forever, it’s my favorite tattoo,” he told the outlet via US Weekly. the D backwards too precious they are almost too cute for words. According to Body Art Guru, Diggs also has tattoos created by Walker that include some hand-drawn dinosaurs and the little boy from Diggs’ “Chocolate Me” book.

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