The staggeringly horrible love life of Charlie Sheen – Nicki Swift

After his disastrous relationships with his first three wives, Charlie Sheen moved on to Scottine Ross (aka Brett Rossi) and quickly popped the question. But as with all things Sheen, this engagement was anything but easy. What Radar Ross was reportedly still married to her husband, Jonathan, when Sheen proposed in 2014. Like many of Sheen’s lovers, Ross is a grown actor, but in a surprising move, he jumped to his fiancée’s defense when the media reduced her to her sex work. . “He’s absolutely driving Charlie crazy that the media keeps referring to Brett as a porn star…he recently graduated from nursing school,” a source said.

Despite a promising start, the couple called it quits later that same year. Sheen told the Los Angeles Times that while he and Ross had a fabulous time together, even traveling the world, he called off their engagement so he could focus on his kids.

In 2015, Ross accused Sheen of physical and emotional abuse and filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly exposing her to HIV. Talking with People, claimed that the actor beat and isolated her, and also made her give up her dream of becoming a nurse. “I’m afraid that she wants to kill me,” she revealed. for him Los Angeles Times, was granted a restraining order against her ex after he apparently threatened to kick her in the head. Sheen denied all the accusations against her, although the lawsuit apparently eventually settled, according to the daily mail.

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