The Shady Reason Eboni K. Williams broke off their engagement

There are two sides to every story and multiple sides to a breakup. When Eboni Williams first appeared on “RHONY,” she explained that the end of her engagement to Steven Glenn was due to bad timing and tough decisions. During an appearance on the “The Wendy Williams Show” Williams claimed that she decided to leave the relationship when Glenn chose to quarantine with their three children in New Jersey instead of with her in New York during COVID-19. “I think this quarantine, like many couples, made us tell the truth about our relationship,” she said. “I’m not a father. I understand. [your kids are] number one. But I need to be number one, Wendy, and I wasn’t number one, so I needed to move on.”

Experts say that couldn’t be further from the truth. According to sources who spoke with daily mail, the breakdown of the relationship was due more to Williams’ disinterest in Glenn’s children or life in New Jersey, than anything else. “The kids barely knew her, and she barely knew them. She just wasn’t involved in that part of her life at all,” the source said. “The quarantine thing was just a convenient public excuse. The relationship wasn’t going anywhere. It wasn’t really heading towards marriage.”

At least Williams has her co-stars to turn to, right? Not quite. Her relationship with the “RHONY” cast is even more complicated than her broken engagement.

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