The sad reason Elton John calls Ed Sheeran every day – Nicki Swift

In 2021, Ed Sheeran told Apple Music that Elton John calls him every morning, even if it’s just a short call, through CNN. Sheeran told the outlet that John started calling him after his dear friend and music executive Michael Gudinski died in March 2021. “When Michael passed away, he called me the next day to check on him, and he really wasn’t doing well.” . Sheeran told Apple Music. “And then from then on, he literally calls me every day… I’m giving Lyra porridge in the morning, I get a call from Elton and it’s, ‘Lyra, say hi to Elton.’ It’s become an everyday thing and there aren’t many people in my life like that and I really appreciate it.”

John and Sheeran produced a duet in December 2021 which must have been cathartic for Sheeran, who told the audience at Gudinski’s memorial that music is how he processes his emotions, when he performed a song he wrote in honor of his deceased friend, according to Variety. Sheeran told NPO Radio 2, according to CNN, that Gudinski’s death really reminded him that we never know what’s going to happen in our lives. He told the outlet that he realized making a Christmas song with John It would be a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays.

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