The sad reason Chad Michael Murray is so close to his father

Chad Michael Murray grew up in Buffalo, New York. In a 2007 interview with seventeenMurray explained that he grew up with three brothers, a sister and a half brother. Her father, Rex, worked in air traffic control. “I idolize my father… I mean, he’s worked really hard in his life,” she told the magazine. When Murray’s mother left the family when he was 10 years old, Murray said of his father; “He came over and said, ‘You know what? I’ll take care of what I have to do. I have responsibilities in life.’

The challenge was made even more difficult considering that Murray had problems with bullies at school. According to us weeklyMurray once said, “A sixth grader broke both of my front teeth in first grade… My house was full of eggs… I hated high school. I had no friends, because I didn’t fit in.” in.”

Murray added that his father took care of all the Murray children and raised them to the best of his ability. “He was so tired and would help us study to make sure we got the grades we wanted. He was never hard on us,” he told Seventeen. Murray said the hardest part about moving house to film “One Tree Hill” was knowing he wouldn’t be seeing his father every day.

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