The reason Bill Maher never got married

Bill Maher may have a shady side, but he’s not leaving fans in the dark about the real reason marriage has never been in the cards for him. During a appearance 2019 On “The Howard Stern Show,” Maher made his views on marriage clear: “I never understood how you can be with the same person, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Get that.” She further added that she loved being alone and told Stern, “I like all my time to decide what to do with all my time.”

His interview with Stern isn’t the only time the comedian has spoken of his disdain for marriage. The comedian compared getting married to slavery, referring to himself as a “runaway slave.” According to Sun, the comedian previously showed this analogy in the biography section of his website. “I am the last of my friends who has never been married,” the page previously said. “And his wives, they don’t want them to play with me. I’m like the runaway slave: I bring news of freedom.”

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