The odds of the next James Bond star slashed to crush Cavill and Hardy

One thing is clear: there is no way Daniel Craig will return as 007 unless he is somehow reassembled from all the pieces scattered across the seas around the Faroe Islands. The race among aspiring Bond actors is heating up and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson are expected to make announcements this year. We already know the age, gender and race of the actor they’re looking for, which has left some high-flying favorites out of contention. The news affects both Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy with one Happy Valley star perfectly set to take part.

Broccoli publicly stated that the next Bond would be a British male actor. It was also reported that production company EON was only looking for male actors who were under the age of 40 and over 5’10 in height. The actor would have to be suitable to fit the projected ten years in the role.

Cavill is 6 feet tall, but he will be turning 40 this year in May. Given that production on the new Bond reboot is highly unlikely to begin before next year, he looks like he’s aging out of the running. Meanwhile, Tom Hardy seems frustrated as the Venom star turns 46 in September.

Eyes are turning to Happy Valley heartthrob James Norton, who stands at an impressive 6’1 and is still only 37 years old. And UK bookmakers have told Express Online that they are confident in his chances.

Ladbrokes Alex Apati said: “Punters are beginning to think the name could be Norton… James Norton, and as a result we have lowered the odds on the Happy Valley star.”

The bookies have Norton at 5/1, beating Bridgerton’s Rege-Jean Page at 6/1 and comfortably ahead of Tom Hardy at 8/1. Fantastic Beats’ Callum Turner is neck-and-neck with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Gangs of London star Sope Dirisu, all currently on 12/1.

Only two men are ahead of Norton, who is once again causing misery and mayhem as Tommy Lee Royce in the BBC crime drama. People still refer to him. He shows that you can do versatility, so I owe it all to him. I’m lovin ‘it.”

Cavill still stands on top at 2/1 alongside a much more recent contender. Aaron Taylor-Johnson exploded in the ratings after a spate of reports that he had recently met with Broccoli and Wilson and “wowed” the Bond producers.

After playing the famous suave vicar Sidney Chambers on ITV’s Grantchester, Norton has already shown his flair for thriller in McMafia and Happy Valley can only improve his chances, as the actor himself admits.

Norton said of the gritty role: “To be able to get carried away like that and be cruel is, on the one hand, kind of horrible because it goes against what your instincts are, but there’s another part, like headbutting a security guard. “. in that graveyard and feeling pretty tough, it was great.”

Norton also praised his role as Tommy and Happy Valley, saying that he owed them “everything” and that it was a “gift”.

The star added: “Understanding someone like Tommy from an empathic point of view is simply the greatest beauty of what we do.” [as actors]. It’s lovely. You are required to find that empathy and it is a different kind of learning from just reading about psychopathy. But in general, people, we love the margins of humanity. We love the subversive kind of stuff. It is fascinating.”

“He allowed me to play someone completely different and people still refer to him. It shows that you can do the versatility, so I owe him everything. I love it.”

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