The Nutcracker and the Magic Flute review

This goofy dubbed Russian animation has overcome boycotts against Putin to annex over 100 UK screens.

Those of us corrupted by decadent Western cinema may find her heroine a bit dated.

In stark contrast to the feisty female leads of recent Disney movies, vapid ballet dancer Marie (voiced by Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld) is happy to leave the heroics to a handsome prince.

Said royalty begins the film in the form of a little toy soldier you might recognize from Tchaikovsky’s ballet.

When a distraught Marie faces financial ruin and marriage to a wealthy scoundrel, she longs for the carefree life she had as a child.

After a forgettable song, the magical lights shine, her old toys come to life, and she shrinks to the size of a doll.

The Nutcracker Soldier transforms into Prince George (Dan Edwards), who was turned into a toy when his kingdom was taken over by evil shape-shifting rats.

So Marie, along with two mildly amused animal companions, agree to escort George back to his palace and help him find the magic flute that will allow him to reclaim his stolen land.

But the animation is bland, the songs are lousy, and the characters’ mouths are rarely in sync with the dialogue.

James Cameron will sleep well tonight.

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