The luxurious life of Kate Middleton

Catherine, Princess of Wales, and William, Prince of Wales launched his youtube channel in May 2021. Its inaugural video garnered over 5 million views and quickly amassed over 600,000 subscribers. While this is great news for the couple’s many projects and royal endorsements, such as The price of EarthShotthat rewards innovative ideas to combat climate change, its burgeoning online presence is also a measurable asset.

Wales’s potential financial clout was even noted by content marketing agency Rise at Seven. Public relations director Will Hobson said Forbes, “Kate and William’s move to YouTube has taken the world by storm this week, but could it be a money play?” He added: “Once you hit 1,000+ subscribers on YouTube, you can monetize your content and Kate and Wills are set to rack it up over the next 12 months.” Hobson estimated that they could raise $6.1 million from their YouTube and Instagram accounts, thereby boosting the royal couple’s already impressive finances.

Whether they’re hoping for financial gain or more online exposure, William and Kate broke the news that they were hiring a digital leader, according to the united states sun, in July 2022. “The selected candidate will lead the strategy and management of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook),” the job advertisement read. It’s unclear if the position has been filled yet, but it certainly looks like these two are ready to make their online presence a major venture.

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