The luxurious gift that Steven Spielberg gave Dakota Fanning for her 21st birthday

Dakota Fanning turned 21 in February 2015, and the former child star traveled to Las Vegas a month later for the special occasion. Y! news informed. He took his family to see Terry Fator’s “America’s Got Talent” show. A source said that Fanning and his family were fans of Fator.

Like E! News reported that neither Fanning nor his parents had to pay for this momentous birthday trip: director Steven Spielberg did. “Steven Spielberg had promised Dakota that she would pay for her trip to Vegas for her 21st birthday!” a source said. “It was something he promised when they filmed ‘War of the Worlds.’ Apparently they kept in touch and he kept his promise to her. She played Rachel Ferrier, the daughter of Tom Cruise’s character Ray Ferrier. The film, based on the 1898 HG Wells novel, is about aliens invading Earth, and Cruise’s character has to reunite his children with his mother throughout the ordeal.

Returning to her trip to Las Vegas, Fanning celebrated her 21st birthday in a more public way. She appeared in “Watch What Happens Live from Andy Cohenthat same month and played “Plead The Fifth” with Cohen. She confirmed that she is still a “lifelong friend” with Cruise-star Kristen Stewart.

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