The Life-Changing Advice Reba McEntire Got From Her Dad

Reba McEntire has often spoken about her parents’ support for her and her siblings. However, there was a caveat. as she said oprah.com“The only thing Dad didn’t support me with was when I wanted to barrel race at the rodeo.”

However, Clark McEntire made no secret of why he felt this way. “Dad would tell me point-blank, ‘Reba, I don’t know why you want to do something you’re not good at.’ And I said, ‘Well, that was painful.’ But it was true. It was very honest,” he said. CMT. Sure enough, Reba admitted to Oprah.com that no matter how much she loved the sport, barrel racing really it was not for her, especially in a competitive environment. “He was better in the practice corral than he was in the arena. When the crowd got involved, it wasn’t good,” she revealed.

That’s not to say, however, that Mr. McEntire’s words of wisdom were limited to keeping her away from a sport she didn’t excel at. Far from it, Clark actively encouraged Reba to do what she did best. When she was asked what she should be doing instead of rodeo sports, Reba recalls her telling her, “Sing. You should be singing.” Luckily for the Grand Ole Opry member and her fans, she heeded that advice and the rest is history.

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