The Lavender Hill Mob review

While Phil Porter’s harmless stage version can’t hope to scale the comic heights of the movie, it does have its nice moments.

Set in Rio on New Year’s Eve, fugitive criminal Holland’s (Miles Jupp) celebrations are interrupted by the arrival of Farrow (Guy Burgess) who has come all the way from England looking for him.

Mistaken for a film director, Farrow is persuaded to stay while the British expatriates enact the story of Holland’s criminal adventure, which included melting down the gold and smuggling it out of the UK as a souvenir of the Eiffel Tower.

The cast, particularly elegant girls Lady Agnes (Tessa Churchard) and Audrey (Victoria Blunt) who relish their roles as cockney geezer, are extremely easy to watch, even as amateur stage performances of the play-within-the-play threaten overturn the story

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