The Kinks’ Hit Song Chosen For The King’s Coronation Official Playlist

It’s been 60 years since The Kinks formed and became one of the most influential rock bands of the 1960s. Like The Beatles, they were part of the British invasion of the US until they were forced to he was banned from performing in 1965 after a dispute with his promoter. And now, the band formed by brothers Ray and Dave Davies have been honored with the selection of one of their biggest hits for the official playlist of the celebration of the coronation of King Carlos III on Spotify.

Track number 23 on The King’s Official Coronation Celebration Playlist is Waterloo Sunset. The song about a lonely storyteller who watches two lovers go over a bridge was released as a single in 1967 and appears on The Kinks’ album Something Else.

It is one of the band’s most beloved songs, having reached number 2 on the UK charts and peaked at number 14 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The track is also their first single to be made available in true stereo.

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