The Hilarious Reason This Boston College Game Is Going Viral – Nicki Swift

After a fan went viral for using his Costco membership card to flirt with a woman during a Boston College men’s basketball game, the internet exploded with reactions. The incident took place in the stands of the Silvio O. Conte Forum in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, according to the Daily Mail, but now it has been seen by millions all over the world. In response to the clip, a fan tweeted, “If I had an executive membership, they would have left the building immediately.” Other wrote“Inflation through the roof. No need for a pickup line anymore. All you need is to flex that Costco membership. A+ if you have that Executive card.”

Another Twitter user praised the man, saying, “Mans is in college with a Costco card… so ahead of his time, a true legend in the game.” Some users even shared his personal experiences in response. A tweeted, “My first date with my boyfriend of almost 4 years was at Costco.” Still, it seems many were impressed by the mystery man’s attempt to woo the woman with her membership card.

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