The Heartwarming Way Kelly Rizzo Will Spend Her Wedding Anniversary Without Bob Saget

Kelly Rizzo is going through a lot of difficult “firsts” in the months after Bob Saget’s death, including what would have been their four-year wedding anniversary. Rizzo spoke on the subject with entertainment tonight, giving fans a glimpse of how the day will go. Rizzo began by sharing that “it’s so weird” that they’ve only been married four years, as it seems like such a short time. “I know if he was here, we’d be celebrating with caviar and champagne, which was, it sounds a bit bougie, but that was his favorite,” he told the outlet.

Since Saget isn’t here to open the celebratory champagne, Rizzo will continue to celebrate the special occasion that she knows her late husband would have loved. “A girlfriend and I are going to go out and go to this new caviar place and have some champagne,” Rizzo confessed, adding that Saget would “approve” of her plans.

In May, Rizzo celebrated what would have been another special occasion in Saget’s life: his birthday. The host of “Eat, Travel, Rock” took Instagram to share photos from her last birthday in Los Cabos before talking about it in the caption. “You never know when something will be ‘the last’ time,” she wrote. “But I’m so thankful that he got all the love he deserves.” Phew, our hearts!

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