The habit that Prince Harry acquired from his father that annoys Meghan Markle – Nicki Swift

Prince Harry is crazy to turn off the lights. This enthusiasm for the dark stems from his father, King Carlos III, who, in his environmental spirit, taught his children to turn off unnecessarily used energy in the home. Harry and his brother, Prince William, appeared in the documentary “Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70” and admitted that they both keep an eye on light switches. “He’s a fan of lights out,” Harry said of his father (via People). “And that’s now something I’m also obsessed with.” William agreed. “I know, now I have severe OCD on light switches, which is terrible.”

Harry joked that his wife, Meghan Markle, was confused by this habit at first. “Which is crazy because, I don’t know if your wife doesn’t, my wife certainly says, ‘Well, why turn off the lights? You know, it’s dark.’ I say, ‘We just need one light, we don’t need six,'” Harry said. This is not to say that Meghan doesn’t care about the environment; it’s just a conscious way of living that she wasn’t used to before she met Harry. At the foundation of the couple website for Archewell, they committed to going net zero by 2030 in terms of carbon emissions, so it definitely shares that green ethos at its core.

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