The Goonies 2 – Original Villain Star Robert Davi Updates Sequel

In the nearly 40 years since The Goonies was released, those who worked on the original have been trying to make a sequel. At the turn of the century, director Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg had a story they both liked, but they couldn’t get the green light at Warner Bros.

In the years since then, the filmmaker and stars like Sean Astin have said things like The Goonies 2 “is an absolute certainty,” but we’re not quite there yet.

A big blow to the campaign came in 2021, when Donner died at 91, which Corey Feldman said earlier this year at Fanboy Expo Knoxville, “makes it that much harder for that to happen.”

The filmmaker had been working on Lethal Weapon 5 before his death, which Mel Gibson may end up directing. However, fans should “never say die” to The Goonies 2.

Express.co.uk caught up with Robert Davi, star of the James Bond movie License to Kill, Jungle Glass and The Goonies.

He played one of the movie’s villains, Jake Fratelli, who we last saw arrested at the end of the scavenger hunt adventure.

Interestingly, The Goonies 2 is listed on their IMDB with a 2027 release date, so what’s going on? We asked Davi to find out.

Davi admitted, “You know, that’s been there for 10,000 years, who knows!”

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It sounds like the sequel’s IMDB page is hopeful speculation, but the actor is certainly willing to reprise his role as Jake if another movie is ever greenlit.

He said, “Oh yeah, if only everyone else was on board and it was a good script. It makes me sad that Dick Donner isn’t there because he was such a force in that.”

Certainly the director’s death is a blow to the franchise, but with Lethal Weapon 5 moving on, surely another director could step in and make a worthy legacy sequel?

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