The evolution of Paige Spiranac

In June 2022, Paige Spiranac became the cover star of maximum‘s Hot 100. “If you had told me, in my senior year of college, that my life was going to go this way, I would have laughed in your face,” he told the magazine. “I’m really able to love who I am and what I’m doing through creating content and being an influencer… I wish I could play golf at a higher level and achieve more, but I wouldn’t trade this for the world.” So no, he didn’t become an LPGA star like he hoped, but things still worked out.

Spiranac, who was nicknamed a sport sex symbol early in her career, she has received a lot of criticism for the way she dresses and presents herself; she is famous for eschewing “traditional” golf clothing for sportier, tighter outfits that are easier to move around in. “I’m not wearing these clothes to, you know, cause controversy or anything,” she said in Don in 2015.

In 2017, Spiranac wrote about the style of women’s golf for Fortune after the LPGA updated its dress code to include rules about players not being allowed to wear tights or low-cut tops. The golfer argued that the changes in the guidelines needed to be reconsidered as they were unfair and retrogressive. “I may not go down in history as the greatest golfer to ever play, however, my intention is to do everything I can to grow the game,” he wrote.

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