The Car Accident That Nearly Lost Days Of Our Lives Star Linsey Godfrey Using Her Legs – Nicki Swift

Like many other people around the world, Linsey Godfrey has revealed that she struggles with mental health issues. The “Days of Our Lives” fan favorite opened up about her struggles in March 2022, when she revealed that she had been diagnosed with borderpolar, a term used for someone who suffers from both borderline personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. Bipolar disorder. “She had been fighting for so long and I knew she wasn’t doing well,” Godfrey said. People. “Although it was a big, horrible pill to swallow, I was relieved to finally have an answer.”

Godfrey’s battle with mental health came years after the actor was involved in a horrific accident that nearly changed the course of his life. In February 2015, Godfrey was in the wrong place at the wrong time when two cars collided and went off the road. The actress was hit by cars and as a result she suffered horrific injuries to her legs.

“There was an accident. Two cars collided and I was on the sidewalk, they crossed the lanes and one of the cars hit me,” Godfrey said. entertainment tonight. “I didn’t really understand. I mean, I saw my feet and the state they were in, that I wasn’t looking in the right direction. Both of my ankles were dislocated and broken and then my tibia and fibula, which are your shins, went through the skin. “, he added.

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