The Canterville Ghost review

Not so much a play within a play as a story within a cabaret, it features a quartet of “variety performers”: illusionist Callum Patrick Hughes, psychic Katie Tranter, comedian/ventriloquist Matt Jopling, and host/pianist Steve Watts, who intercut the creepy story with his own acts. Imbued with music hall nostalgia and the raucous character of the East End, the artists create a relationship with the audience that never ends.

The shabby nature of the piece, such as the rapidly changing cast props, doors, and moth-eaten velvet curtains around the set, heightens the charm and belies the narrative subterfuge of director/screenwriters Olivia Jacobs and Toby Mitchell in a classic piece. of ghost story. .

Cleverly constructed songs by John Fiber and Andy Shaw and atmospheric sound effects make for warm, parodic entertainment with a big, big heart.

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