The Beatles called ‘stupid idiots’ by the British singer

The Beatles had a stellar year in 1962. After signing with their manager Brian Epstein, they removed their original drummer, Pete Best, from the band and replaced him with Ringo Starr. After that, they worked hard to secure their first number one single. They endured a few failed attempts, but by 1963 they were onto something. However, everything fell apart when they tried to work with another British composer.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney worked hard on their new single, From Me To You, in the summer of 1963, but were having trouble finishing it.

Eventually, British star Kenny Lynch stepped in to help them while they were on a tour bus. Lynch, at the time, was a highly successful singer-songwriter who had released songs like Mountain of Love, Up on the Roof, and would later release the song Stand By Me.

Writer Roger Greenaway recalled the event: “John and Paul were sitting in the back of the carriage and Kenny Lynch, who at the time fancied himself a songwriter, came up to the back of the carriage and Kenny Lynch… . decided he would.” help them write a song.”

The three songwriters went to work on From Me To You. But, before long, it became very apparent that they could not work well together. And Kenny exploded to the stars as they worked together.

Although the song was a huge success, it faced many obstacles during its production.

Lennon later revealed that the band was not entirely happy with the way the record sounded during the writing process.

He said, “We almost didn’t record it because we thought it was too bluesy at first.” At this point the band was still working on their sound.

Eventually, the band’s producer, George Martin, stepped in to fix it. Lennon recalled: “When we finished it, and George Martin had composed it on the harmonica, it was good.”

Lennon also argued that he should be thanked for the composition of the song, despite the fact that it was credited to Lennon-McCartney.

He later said, “I think we were writing it in a car. And I think the first line was mine. I mean, I know it was mine. And then after that, we took it from there. It was much more bluesy than that when we wrote it. The notes: today you could rearrange it pretty funky.” (sic)

McCartney also spoke about the song’s versatility. In 1964, he said, “It could be done like an old ragtime tune, especially the middle eight, so we’re not writing the tunes in any particular language.”

Looking to the future, he mused, “Five years from now, we may arrange the tunes differently. But we’ll probably write the same old crap!”


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