Teresa Giudice confirms whether or not she signed a prenuptial agreement with Luis Ruelas

During a panel at BravoCon 2022, Teresa Giudice discussed her wedding and marriage to Louie Ruelas. And despite exuding an overwhelming amount of excitement for her and her new husband’s big day, fans weren’t all that excited about one major aspect that she came up with Giudice and Ruelas getting married. When asked by a fan if she took Andy Cohen’s advice above and signed a prenuptial agreement, Giudice confirmed that she did not replying, “No. True love. True love, yes.” The reality star’s response received an audibly surprised reaction from those in attendance.

During an episode of “Watch What Happens Live” in February, Giudice discussed her stance on signing a prenuptial agreement. The “RHONJ” star explained, “I mean, I would do [sign a prenup]you know, yeah [Luis] That’s what he said. I’m very easy with it.” He continued, “He definitely has more than me. He would never take anything from her, I’m not like that” (via People).

Fans online, of course, had a lot to say about Giudice confirming that she didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement. A social media user tweeted, “Teresa is stupid! She should have gotten a prenuptial agreement to protect her daughters and herself. True love goes out the window during an ugly divorce.” Other said“I really wish Teresa well, but this was silly. She needed a prenuptial agreement to protect not only herself but her daughters.”

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