Ted Kravitz apologizes as he steps in for comment amid Sky woes

Ted Kravitz was forced to apologize after Sky Sports F1 suffered a technical problem before free practice at the Mexican Grand Prix. David Croft started the broadcast but then his microphone was cut off minutes before the start of the session.

Kravitz quickly jumped in to avoid confusion as the session began. He said: “I must apologize for the loss of the comments. Just as David Croft and everyone else was getting ready and in the swing of things, it looks like we’ve lost the comments, but we’ll work very hard to get them back.” .”

Kravitz then went on to fill Sky’s coverage, speaking to Haas team boss Guenther Steiner about F1’s cost cap saga. Sky Sports then quickly went back to presenter Simon Lazenby and pundits Danica Patrick and Martin Brundle.

They eventually posted a message at the bottom of the screen warning viewers about the problem. It read: “We apologize for the loss of feedback.”

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Croft and Paul di Resta returned after 20 minutes when Sky managed to fix the problem during a commercial break. Croft admitted that he hadn’t seen so many worried faces among his producers when he finally got back on the air.

However, social media users seemed to enjoy the lack of comments on the channel to hear the natural sounds of cars. Twitter user @LM_2302 posted: “To be honest, with these commentary issues on Sky, it’s nice to hear the cars racing around the track, rather than having commentary all the time.”

@unclefuzz added: “I really enjoy this alternative commentary version of Sky FP1. They should try this more often.” @Zac_greaves10 commented: “Sky please keep us on ambient sound, I don’t want comments anymore.”

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@hacketmale commented: “Sky F1 commentary team feed not working. So now Ted sings the odds. It’s unfair, but I would love Ted to comment from the pit lane.” But, some used the opportunity to take a swing at Sky Sports F1 coverage.

@alextranger1993 stated: “I wouldn’t be surprised if someone accidentally pulled a cable in the UK and/or Mexico, but given how much Sky pays for F1 (and how much #SkyF1 expects viewers to pay) it’s embarrassing that most viewers prefer the coverage without comment.”

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