Taylor Swift Modifies Controversial Music Video After Facing Backlash

Taylor Swift and her team have yet to give a statement on the backlash, but they did respond by cutting the “fat” scale scene from the “Anti-hero” music video, at least on Apple Music. Fans are likely to see changes on other platforms soon.

But even after the change, arguments persisted online, with fans saying the edits were unnecessary and shouldn’t have been made in the first place. “Uh what? I didn’t think of this as fatphobic when I first saw it, people are so offended by everything nowadays,” said one fan. saidwith another fan rang off, “I’m at a loss, how’s that for fat phobia? Aren’t you talking about society labeling all girls as fat?” Additionally, another fan was concerned that Swift might stop speaking publicly about her personal struggles. “She will probably never talk about her insecurities again since everyone got mad at her,” they said. wrote. “the video was not fatphobic at all.”

Swifties weren’t the only ones defending the singer. The hosts of “The View” also expressed their feelings. “They missed the point,” said Sunny Hostin (via entertainment weekly). “She was describing a personal experience, and frankly, it’s a personal experience that a lot of women have… You step on the scale and you’re a perfectly normal weight and all you see is fat.” Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg pleaded with everyone to “leave her alone,” adding that she understands what Swift was trying to convey. “You can never just be who you are. Everyone wants you to be something else, less this, more that, and that’s what people do to each other on social media.”

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