Taylor Swift fans see two unexpected co-writers on her new album

It has been revealed that Taylor Swift’s longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn and Zoë Kravitz served as songwriters for “Midnights”, Swift’s upcoming album. On October 18, The Swift Society The Twitter account tweeted out a list of the songwriters who contributed to each of the 13 Swift songs included in the collection. This ad showed that Alwyn, Swift’s boyfriend and previous musical collaborator, wrote “Sweet Nothing” with Swift while she was credited with her songwriting pseudonym, William Bowery. Meanwhile, Kravitz is one of the writers who penned “Lavender Haze” and “Karma.”

Alwyn has previously written songs with Swift, including “Exile” for the “Folklore” album. the actor said GQ in May 2022 that this writing partnership between the lovebirds was “the most accidental thing to happen during lockdown.” What us weekly As reported, Swift and Kravitz are close and were even in the same pod together during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020. In addition to these two writers, musician and producer Jack Antonoff, a Frequent Swift contributor — wrote most of the 13 tracks with the singer. Fans can expect to hear these tunes made by Swift and her famous writing partners when “Midnights” premieres on October 21.

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