Tara Reid’s Extensive Plastic Surgery, Explained

Tara Reid explained her extensive plastic surgery in a Access to Hollywood interview. She admitted that the chest flash from P-Diddy’s birthday party left her feeling mortified. “That was terrible,” she shared. “I became known for having the ugliest chest in the world. It was on all these websites. Millions of them.” Reid said she had the surgery at age 28 because her breasts differed in size and “were getting saggy, and in Hollywood, you have to look great.”

She said us weekly she had asked for breast implants that were “big B’s”. However, the surgeon “gave me Cs and I didn’t want them.” Reid said that she immediately observed that her nipples were totally deformed (via ABC News). The surgeon insisted that they would improve with time. But “[everything] started getting worse and worse,” Reid admitted.

She confessed to Access Hollywood that she had also had liposuction on her stomach. That ended up looking like a horror show too. Reid admitted that he had not done any pre-op research because many people assured him that the surgeon was top notch. “I was embarrassed. I didn’t want people to see what I really looked like,” Reid said. “I had to keep it covered.” Things got so bad that they reached a point where Hollywood would no longer cast Reid. Ultimately, though, he fixed the botched surgery. “I feel like a girl again,” Reid said. “I get out of the shower now and it’s like, wow, I’m back.”

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