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It’s true that $1.6 million a year is nothing to sneeze at, but Sunny Hostin said at the “Just Jenny” podcast who had to fight to get the salary he deserved. “Unfortunately, what I learned at one point was that I was the lowest-paid host on the show, even though I’ve been there the longest,” Hostin revealed. “And when you talk about fairness and value, it’s not just about getting airtime, it’s not just about people being nice to you. It’s about paying yourself what you’re worth.” She admitted that when she found out that she was the lowest-paid co-host on “The View,” she was “terribly disappointed.”

But Hostin was not about to leave it at that. Instead, he tells her, she hired a lawyer and, at the end of the legal fight, she was awarded three years of back wages because the pay was unfair. “Disney [ABC’s parent company] he did it right,” he says, “because they realized that this is the person who shows up and does the job.”

Hostin didn’t specify on the podcast when, exactly, this legal dispute occurred, but we know it’s not the only time Disney has faced a pay disparity lawsuit. In 2021, according to The New York Timesten women sued the company for “rampant gender pay discrimination.”

Let this be a lesson to unfairly compensated workers everywhere, and to their managers.

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