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Anna Nicole Smith was always a larger than life character. Having married 88-year-old oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall when she was 25, she parodied her indirect character in the third installment of “Naked Gun” and later launched her own reality series, according to ABC News. Despite his outgoing behavior, his life was ruined by the tragedy.

For many years, it was embroiled in a bitter real estate dispute following Marshall’s death, with the late billionaire’s family claiming that Smith had no right to his fortune, according to Forbes. And after the birth of Smith’s daughter in 2006, her 20-year-old son from a previous marriage, Daniel, died of an overdose in his hospital room, according to Reuters.

Less than half a year later, she too died of an accidental overdose while staying at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, as This day informed. She was 39 years old. According to him MirrorAt the scene of her death, investigators found prescription drugs and a duffel bag with $8,000 inside. Questions remain as to why Smith was carrying so much money in his last days. His psychiatrist, Khristine Eroshevich, and his boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, were found guilty of supplying him with the fatal cocktail of drugs, according to ABC News.

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