Star Trek fight: George Takei criticizes ‘curmudgeon’ William Shatner

Over the past few decades, William Shatner has been criticized by some of his Star Trek co-stars, but most notably by Mr Sulu actor George Takei. Tensions between the two date back to the filming of the original TV show in the 1960s. This included a time when the Captain Kirk star reportedly shut down production for half a day because he had contractual approval from a photographer at the studio. of sound, firing one he did not approve of.

On another occasion, Shatner accused Takei of being a “loose cannon” in filming their swordfight in The Naked Time, adding in his book Star Trek Memories: “I really believe that a small part of [Takei] I was upset that he couldn’t pass me.”

Their feud even continued through the Star Trek movies, with the Sulu actor initially holding out on playing the role in The Final Frontier, after hearing that Shatner would be directing. He said in 2014: “I have a lot of friends in my Star Trek cast, except for one. We had a friendly tension between us. And I thought the best thing to do with Star Trek V, which was being directed by him, was to refuse to do it.”

As Shatner, 91, promotes his new book Boldly Go: Reflections on a Life of Awe and Wonder, both he and Takei, 85, have lashed out once again.

Takei said on The Graham Norton Show tonight: “You are the last chat show host who is allowed to ask that question as it has gotten so boring talking about it. When Bill has a book to sell, he needs publicity and accuses us of using it. My theme is more substantial and important. He’s an old curmudgeon and I’m not going to talk about him anymore. I swear this is the last time I talk about him.”


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