Star showgirl turns private detective

Who did it for Delilah? Who confessed to her mother that she “just killed a man”? And who shot the sheriff? Rock’s most famous mystery novels could finally be solved by one of the world’s most successful showgirls.

After a career sharing the stage with rock legends like Queen, The Who and Sir Rod Stewart, Susie Webb is establishing herself as a private detective after discovering her detective skills by accident.

When her teenage son’s bike was stolen, the songwriter not only tracked it down, but exposed a gang of thieves handling stolen goods.

And when 10 diners ran out of a restaurant without paying, he tracked them down and identified one of the culprits.

Susie, 48, from Barnes, south-west London, said: “I’ve been fascinated by private detectives ever since I was a little girl and wanted to be one.”

His big break came three years ago when his son Archie’s £550 bike was stolen. The singer found it for sale on eBay, along with other stolen items.

His next case occurred at his favorite restaurant when a group fled owing hundreds of pounds.

She partnered with Aspect, a property maintenance company whose knowledge of the area helped her identify one of the group.

Now she plans to use her skills as a researcher and influencer in her website.

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