Special edition James Bond ‘Spymaster’ pen goes on sale for £5,000

Upscale Italian pen maker Montegrappa says the limited-edition fountain pen and the less expensive £2,965 ballpoint version, sold through the 007 Store, are full of Q Branch-worthy surprises.

But with weaponized features, such as ink cartridges shaped like bullets for Bond’s Walther PPK, it has been criticized by some as a danger to airport security.

The pen has an 18-carat gold nib and a false upper barrel containing a set of cufflinks. But fans on the official 007 Facebook page say the most unbelievable thing is the price.

Luke Arnold barged in: “They’re really discounting true fan prices, creating elements that aren’t relevant to the franchise.”

Montegrappa’s UK office said: “As a pen company we make a lot of limited editions. They are beautifully and amazingly made. They are going to be so sought after you wouldn’t believe it.”

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