Soccer stars who cheated on their partners – Nicki Swift

In September 2021, NFL cornerback Richard Sherman was said to have cheated on his wife, Ashley Moss, with a woman named Reina Westburg, who claimed he was the father of her child. the YBF reported that a friend of Moss publicly exposed the alleged matter by criticizing Westburg on social media. “You’re out here ruining houses,” wrote the friend, who later tagged Westberg. “And that baby won’t get the love she deserves because you don’t know how to love or respect anything.”

At one point, Westburg called Moss’s friend and they discussed it over the phone, which was Recorded. The supposed lover threw many insults during the conversation, calling the woman jealous and old. Westburg later began sharing photos of his son, West Sherman, and called the football player a lazy dad.

“At the end of the day, Richard has known about his son West since I found out I was pregnant and he hasn’t helped a penny,” Westberg wrote on social media, which was posted by The YBF. “[He] he has never bought a diaper or anything but he has still tried to have a relationship with me. I’m done.” Sherman and Moss married in 2018 and they have two children together.

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