Sky Sports’ cheeky comment to Christian Horner as boycott ends

Sky Sports presenter Simon Lazenby made a cheeky comment to Christian Horner in his first conversation with the broadcaster since the Red Bull boycott ended. The comment was one of the only times Sky Sports has addressed the issue on air.

The channel spoke to Horner after Verstappen fell from second to fourth in the sprint. Lazenby said: “Christian, nice of you to talk to us, again.” Horner simply nodded to the presenters after the comment, but did not comment.

However, he was happy to talk to the channel about the team’s difficult Saturday. Max Verstappen and Horner snubbed Sky Sports last time out in Mexico after the Dutchman accused the channel of being “disrespectful”.

Ted Kravitz claimed that Lewis Hamilton was “robbed” of his eighth world title during his ‘Ted’s Notebook’ at the United States Grand Prix. Kravitz also suggested that Verstappen seemed incapable of winning a world championship in the normal way.

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Sky Sports bosses held meetings with Red Bull between the two events with representatives from the channel en route to Milton Keynes before flying to Brazil. Kravitz broke his silence on the matter after qualifying, admitting that Sky Sports had held talks with Verstappen and Red Bull.

He explained, “Just following what happened with us [Sky] and me and Max Verstappen in Mexico. Listen, we sat down, we had a good chat but, like Max said yesterday, we’ve drawn a line on that, forward and up.”

Verstappen confirmed at Thursday’s press conference that the boycott had come to an end for the race in Brazil. The Dutchman added: “We draw a line under that. We keep going and I’m looking forward to it.”

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In Mexico, Horner had suggested that Verstappen was “very upset” by Kravitz’s assessment.

The Red Bull boss even accused Sky Sports of making a “series of derogatory comments”. He added: “Some of the feedback is great, but some of the pieces, it’s being sensationalized too much and we’re united as a team.

“We’ve been very clear, and it’s not just been Sky UK, it’s been all over the Sky channels, Germany, Italy. It was just this weekend, just to register our dissatisfaction with some of the less biased comments.” that are made, or the accusations that are sometimes made, as television seems to become more and more sensational.

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