Six managers who lasted less than Liz Truss, including Gascoigne

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has announced she will resign after reading a statement outside the front door of 10 Downing Street. Her announcement means that she only lasted 44 days in office, which places her among the greats with the shortest periods in power in the world of football management.

Truss’s resignation means she has served the shortest term in history as UK Prime Minister, breaking the record held by George Canning, who died in office, of 119 days. However, while it was an impressive feat to ask for a substitution before 50 days, Truss has been overshadowed by some football managers.

Truss’s tenure was plagued with controversy, from stunning stock market crashes to the resignation of key ministers. But was it as impressive as some other surprisingly short managerial reigns? Express Sport take a look…

Paul Gascoigne (39 days)

Despite being a sensational footballer, it was a different story for Paul Gascoigne when it came to management. The former Tottenham playmaker gained brief bench experience with Boston United and in Portugal before being assigned the job at Kettering Town. After leading the club to two wins and two draws in six games, Gascoigne was sacked after 39 days, daily drinking the reasoning given by the club owner.

Kevin Cullis (7 days)

Former manager, and now convicted fraudster, Kevin Cullis spent just one week with Swansea City before deciding to resign. His team suffered losses in both games while he was at the club, although it was reported that he was only in control of the team for a game and a half. In his second game in charge, the players took control of his tactics at halftime and overrode his team speech, causing him to resign.

Brian Clough (44 days)

Technically, Truss shares his time frame with former Nottingham Forest boss Brian Clough. The former Middlesbrough striker spent 44 days in charge of Leeds United before being sacked, winning one of seven games in charge. His reputation with the players has been cited as one of the reasons for his dismissal, with his team reportedly being told they had cheated for the silver prior to his appointment, as they had previously branded Leeds’ tactics as “dirty”. Truss is in good company.

Dave Bassett (4 days)

Like Truss, Dave Bassett’s tenure was cut short because he changed his mind. He left Wimbledon for Crystal Palace in 1984, but four days later he decided it had been the wrong decision and asked to return. He was granted that wish and helped the club to two promotions after that, justifying his claim that he had ‘unfinished business’ with the team.

Marcelo Bielsa (2 days)

Leeds legend Marcelo Bielsa spent just 48 hours as Lazio manager before resigning, much to the club’s shock. The Argentine said that he felt that he would not be supported in the transfer window and therefore his needs as his manager would not be met.

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