Sister Wives Star Christine Brown’s Love Life Livens Up After Kody Brown Split

Now that “Sister Wives” star Christine Brown is single, she’s kinda ready to mix. The reality star spoke with entertainment tonight on October 19 and shared a glimpse of what her life is like now that she is no longer an official sister-wife. “I’m single now, right? So I just decide what I want to do and then I do it. It’s been very, very simple,” she told the outlet of her smooth transition to solo life. “Everything is much easier in terms of planning and everyday life.”

While Christine says she’s not looking for anything super serious right now, she’s still getting her feet wet and playing around. “It’s still not romantic, that’s jumping too fast, but getting out safely,” she revealed. “I’m just hanging out for fun, keeping everything super light because that’s how I am right now,” the star added. She also shared that she would continue filming “Sister Wives” as long as the show was on, so maybe at some point, viewers would get to see one of the dates air.

Thankfully, Christine has kept fans updated on her life in Utah after her split from Kody Brown, and she still seems to be spending a lot of time with Janelle Brown. On September 9, she shared a photo of her and Janelle enjoying a walk in the fresh air and they both seemed incredibly happy.

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