Simon Cowell has a major career proposition for Britney Spears – Nicki Swift

Simon Cowell is ready to team up with Britney Spears. In a recent interview with Y! News, the “X Factor” creator and judge couldn’t have been more complimentary of the pop star. He praised his intelligence, his talent, and his valuable contributions to the reality show. He shared: “She was super smart, had lovely ideas about how to launch someone else’s career, which is critical if you’re going to be a judge on one of these shows. So I had a fantastic relationship with her.” He then begged Spears to come back, saying, “If you’re seeing Britney and we do a show, please come back and do it with me. That would be amazing. I adore her.”

Cowell and Spears actually go back further than their “X Factor” days. Interestingly, Cowell attempted to secure Spears’ hit debut single “…Baby One More Time”. In a September 2022 interview on the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast (via People), Cowell described his extensive efforts to once obtain the song. Apparently, he tried to bribe the song’s producer, Max Martin, with a Mercedes-Benz. Cowell’s offer was declined, as Martin explained that a new artist was set to record the track. Cowell revealed: “I went, ‘Who?’ And he said, ‘Britney Spears.’ I said, ‘Max, let me give you some advice. Nobody’s going to make it big with a name called Britney Spears.’ Who would have thought that Cowell and Spears would work together years later?

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