Shotgun Wedding Review: A Romantic Comedy

Jennifer Lopez stars as Darcy, the daughter of a billionaire who is about to marry bland baseball star Tom (Josh Duhamel).

In a reversal of gender norms, it’s the groomzilla who dreamed up the grand, dazzling ceremony on the tropical island. Simple girl Darcy just wanted to elope quietly before settling down in an unassuming mansion.

Uptight Tom’s plans go awry when Darcy’s flamboyant ex (Lenny Kravitz) shows up to deliver a flashy but painfully unfunny speech. Then more intruders arrive. And this time, they’re packing weapons.

When the head of this pirate gang demands that Darcy’s father hand over $8 million, the feuding couple must launch a ransom offer.

The action scenes are competently staged and Jennifer Coolidge makes the most of two funny lines from the script as Tom’s mistake-prone mother.

But, like The Human Centipede, you suspect this is one of those movies where they came up with the title first.

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