She Said Review – A dark but inspiring story about Harvey Weinstein

After failing spectacularly at the US box office last weekend, entertainment journalists have been digging into what went wrong with this Oscar-winning drama. Have Americans had enough of #MeToo and powerful bullies yet? Or has journalism become so degraded in the US that even movie newsrooms repel moviegoers?

I don’t see him doing very well here either. The British public needs escapism more than reality right now.

And She Said doesn’t offer much emotion. We all know the outcome and this meticulously researched film is too authentic to bring to life a true story with car chases and cliffhangers.

That means lots of shots of reporters Zoe Kazan and Carey Mulligan talking on the phone, knocking on doors, and typing on keyboards.

Still, I found it exciting to see these determined young women discover the truth with the support and financial backing of their bosses.

It is a dark but also inspiring story.

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