Sergio Pérez rejects Monaco consultation after Max Verstappen’s angry message

Sergio Perez does not want to add any “additional speculation” to the theory of Max Verstappen’s angry radio message from the Brazilian Grand Prix stemming from the events in Monaco earlier this year. The two Red Bull drivers were not on good terms immediately after the race at Interlagos last weekend when Verstappen denied team orders to allow Perez to return to sixth.

Red Bull initially let Verstappen pass Perez to go after Fernando Alonso and the Ferrari drivers, namely take some points from Charles Leclerc. Perez and Charles Leclerc are locked in a battle for second place in the championship and Red Bull wants to complete the clean sweep by moving the Mexican ahead of the Ferrari driver.

Verstappen’s refusal to let Leclerc through now means that both the 25-year-old and Perez are level on points heading into the season finale in Abu Dhabi. The Dutchman revealed little when he explained after the race why he did not listen to the Red Bull team’s orders.

He said angrily, “I already told you, guys don’t ask me that again, okay? Are we clear on that? I gave my reasons and I stand by them.” Verstappen’s anger has since been reported to stem from what happened at the Monaco Grand Prix when Perez crashed, denying the two-time world champion a chance to qualify on pole. .

And Verstappen was left frustrated in the closing stages of Sunday’s race with Perez leading and Carlos Sainz between them. Both drivers have been asked about the Monaco Grand Prix in the aftermath of the events at Interlagos last week.

But Perez has rejected any questions on the matter, insisting there was no foul play on his part. “Monaco was a long time ago,” Perez said.

“I don’t want to raise any further speculation. Sometimes you make a mistake in Monaco. You saw I almost went flying at Turn 1. I was trying to set a faster time that Saturday.”


“I don’t want to comment further on that or on Sao Paulo.” Perez was also asked for details about how the behind-the-scenes conversations went at Red Bull this week with Verstappen.

But he was equally less forthcoming with the information than was said. “The best thing is that we do not open any speculation and we can move on and we can be the team that we used to be, united and strong and that is the team’s priority,” Pérez explained.

“We discussed what happened in Brazil and we looked at all the scenarios, the mistakes we made as a team instead of not preparing the race enough etc. We want to put all this behind us and move on.”

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