Sam Smith’s new ‘hyper-sexualized’ music video was criticized as ‘unhealthy’

Sam Smith, who uses the they/them pronouns, debuted the new single on The Graham Norton Show last Friday in a live performance. The 30-year-old shared that the lyrics are based on experiences of being “buddy in the zone” over and over again on dates. Along with the single from the new album Gloria, I’m Not Here to Make Friends has a controversial new music video that is being criticized for its “hyper-sexualized” depictions.

The new music video shows the Oscar winner arriving at a castle in an oversized pink coat before performing inside with dancers wearing nipple tassels, suspenders and corsets. Other scenes filmed them jostling on a bed in black leather underwear, while a fountain of water was also sprayed into the Bond singer’s mouth.

Responding to the divisive footage, which already has nearly two million views in two days on YouTube, former GB News Alex Phillips called it “unhealthy” for society on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, when Richard Madeley was corrected by “gender mistake”. Smith as “he” instead of “they”.

Phillips added: “The problem is the graphic representation of what would be scenes of extreme sex. It’s all very well to say don’t let your kids see it, kids have phones and cell phones: they’re going to see it. You can’t protect your children from things like this. It does not come with a content warning, you do not need to enter a credit card and prove you are 18 to view this video.

Though many agreed with her on social media, calling it “monstrous,” “offensive” and vulgar, others defended Smith’s video, pointing to sexualized videos of female singers. And one tweeted: “Wow, lots of pearls grabbed! Anyone remember the 70’s and 80’s? Remember the Tubes or Divine? Get moving y’all. It’s been done before.”


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