Roger Moore James Bond’s love scene with Lois Chile is the ‘toughest of his career’

Moore remains best known for playing the lightest, least serious 007 in the franchise. His movies end with lines like “I think she’s trying to get back in” from Moonraker or “she just got here, sir” from The Man with the Golden Gun. But when he called a famous sex scene “the hardest of my career,” he didn’t mean a pun. And that was after another moment in the same movie that he left her face bruised and battered. (FUN FACT: That Jaws-chewing wire in the clip above was actually made of licorice.)

Moonraker was the most expensive Bond film ever made at the time, its £30 million budget being almost as much as the first eight films combined. The producers wanted to capitalize on the recent Star Wars phenomenon and modified their planned order of adaptations of Ian Fleming’s novels, advancing the story based on space races.

This gave Moore an unprecedented challenge, dealing with scenes set in zero-gravity simulators and a faulty gondola that turns into a hovercraft. But it was the climactic sex scene that tested the actor the most.

Moore, however, took it all in his stride and was highly regarded by the cast and crew for his professionalism, good humor, and generosity of spirit.

Like every other Bond Girl of the Moore era, Chiles, whose character glories under the outrageously mischievous name Holly Goodhead, has been full of praise for the British actor, on and off the set and in and out of his scenes. bed.

It was the latter that caused Moore enormous difficulties. Affectionately known as the “re-entry attempt” scene, it shows Bond and Goodhead locked in a nude embrace in zero gravity as their shuttle re-enters Earth’s atmosphere.

Moore later revealed that filming the scene was one of the most difficult of his entire career: “I was just hanging there, with all the blood running out of my nose and eyes.”

Despite being in extreme pain and discomfort, as always, the actor never complained. He always went out of his way to make life easier for the cast and crew, often serving tea to his co-stars, including Jane Seymour when she fell asleep in bed while filming an endless love scene for Live and Let Die. .

Chiles herself later said: “When I joined Moonraker, it was already Roger’s fourth Bond film, but he never acted as the star. He always included me for dinners and drinks with his family after filming.”

“We shot on glorious locations, in Paris, Venice and Rio de Janeiro, and most of my scenes were with Roger, including a couple of love scenes. Even in those, Roger joked around to keep the atmosphere light. He was never heavy with Rogelio”.

However, he revealed that underneath the suave exterior, the actor had some insecurities.

Chiles said: “The suave, suave Bond you saw on screen was all Roger. Off-screen he was pretty much the same guy. He was stylish, kind and a much-liked person, although I think that was partly a defense .

“Bond had his critics, and many had questioned Roger’s performance. But he joked about it. When he was honored by the Friar’s Club in New York, he told them: ‘Say what you want about how bad my acting is, don’t will do”. he hurt my feelings, because everyone else has said it before.'”

Chiles’ career was on the rise before Moonraker, with notable roles in Death on the Nile, The Great Gatsby and As We Were. It wasn’t playing a Bond girl that stalled her future prospects.

Clay, the actress’s brother, was battling non-Hodgkin lymphoma in the late 1970s. Immediately after completing Moonraker, she rushed home to donate platelets, but he died in 1979. Chiles took a three-year break from acting and found it difficult to regain the momentum she had lost.

However, he worked in television and film for the next two decades. Shortly before retiring in 2006, she married Richard Gilder Jr, an American businessman and philanthropist. They were together until her death in 2020.

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