Rod Stewart’s Son Reportedly Hospitalized After Alarming Accident

Sean Stewart was recently in a serious accident that forced him to seek medical attention. Sean took to Instagram to share the news with his followers on October 24. In one story, he wrote, “I got hit by a truck at a red light. Hard here on these streets” (via page six). In the Instagram story, Rod Stewart’s eldest son, whom he had with his first wife, Alana, is seen wearing a neck brace and hospital gown.

On October 25, Sean updated his followers on his recovery by posting a photo of himself on his Instagram story, with his dog, Prince, sleeping next to him in bed. He wrote, “I’m still in so much pain. I have my best friend by my side. #Doggydoctor” (via yahoo).

A source close to the family said hollywoodlife, “Sean is home now and in a lot of pain. The important thing is that none of his injuries are life-threatening. It could have been a lot worse.” It’s unclear what exact injuries Sean sustained from the crash or how it happened as no further information is available. Rod Stewart has yet to make any public comment on the incident.

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