Rod Stewart shows at the O2 Arena in London that he remains forever young

He is in high spirits as he smiles and jokes that he “will be the headlining act tonight.” Rod warns his fans that he’s “going to have a couple of wardrobe changes overnight,” downplaying the fact that he’ll eventually have seven or eight changes, chuckling that “Now I have the money I like to have stuff! which has the whole place howling.An excellent rendition of old Faces favorite Oh La La is a huge hit with the audience.

A stunning solo from the saxophonist on Some Guys Get All The Luck steals the show early in the evening. The brilliant drum accompaniment of his beautiful blonde ballerinas incorporated the Forever Young classic and garnered great reception. The timeless version of Cat Steven’s ballad The First Cut Is The Deepest features a phenomenal violin solo that truly wows punters.

Rod tells a deeply moving story before Maggie May, he described how when he hit number 1 in 1971, he visited his mum and dad at their council house and they all cried.

Rocking the crowd with a sudden change of pace, he quips that “I’m ready, willing and able” in a charming aside between songs.

As her highly talented dancers leave the stage, she tells them with her cheeky charm, “Be good tonight, won’t you!” and she observes “What strength, what power, what delicacy!” they have.

Midway through the set and the final song before beginning a series of purely acoustic songs, he dedicates his Rhythm of My Heart version to the Ukrainians, lightening the tone by saying it’s from his good friend “Mark what’s his fucking name”.

This moving song is accompanied by powerful images of war-torn Ukraine, with the country’s flag gracing the stage screens. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, he jokes that he has “Splashed out and out, he doesn’t mind spending a few pennies on a Christmas tree!”.

Mentioning her dancers again, she says, “One of the girls is pregnant, that brings back memories!” Proudly paying tribute to her beloved Celtic football team with on-screen clips of their past victories, she says “Why are you booing?” as she tells the cheering crowd that there will be a “Couple slower then we’ll turn up the tempo and any loose change on stage!”.

A photo of him from 1971 is shown, wearing pants that he says are “inspired by Olivia Newton John, I don’t know, maybe they fit me better!”.

The penultimate song, Sailing is, is a truly special moment, the chorus singing a song made more evocative by images of crashing waves in the background.

A quick exit and return to the stage sees Rod finish with the Faces single Stay With Me, capping off an emphatic performance.

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