Rock stars who took drugs in a very private place

Drug use in the world of rock and pop is well documented, with many stars over the years frankly admitting what they’ve done. Others have been caught and publicly shamed. Biographies, biopics, documentaries, and interviews are full of accounts of recreational drug use, often in grisly situations. But only a few have confessed to a particularly radical method of getting the drugs into their bodies. Although modern and indeed ancient medicine have administered drugs and remedies through the rectum for greater efficacy, it seems that is not why these particular stars did so.

Some stories have become urban legends, like a certain actor with a rodent frolicking in the same place, with absolutely no evidence to substantiate the exciting rumors.

However, many rock stars have always liked to push the boundaries and provoke in interviews.

Rod Stewart spoke openly about his unorthodox way of using cocaine in his memoir Rod: The Autobiography, where he also coincidentally included a certain member of the Rolling Stones in his escapades. It is a method that has been particularly rumored about certain stars in an industry where his voice is so important.

Fleetwood Mac icon Stevie Nicks reportedly developed such a high tolerance to the drug from repeated use that he turned to the rectal method to ensure a purer and more potent delivery of the narcotic into his system.

The star had developed a tear inside her nose, which can be caused when excessive cocaine use burns the cartilage in the septum that divides the nostrils. This actually contributed to her unique voice, but also led to the widely reported report that her damage had forced her to insert the drug elsewhere, with the help of a member of her staff.

Ultimately, Nicks herself publicly denied the rumor, saying in 2001, “That’s absurd. Maybe it happened because people knew she had such a big hole in her nose.”

However, his apocryphal story inspired another rock star to try the same thing.

Tim Burgess, leader of the indie rock band The Charlatans, confessed as much in his autobiographical book, Telling Stories.

In a later interview, he added: “Well, I think obviously we had heard rumors that at Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks had a roadie do it for her. I think you’d have to be on coke to consider the idea in the first place. .

“Well, I was pretty stoned when I did it, but I think I described it as putting a bonnet on your butt. It’s not for the faint of heart. When you’re on a tour bus and driving across countries, things get a little monotonous. You’re just looking for something new to do that you didn’t do yesterday.”

It should also be noted that the practice, when abused recreationally, can have serious implications, resulting in damage to anal or rectal tissue. This, in turn, can also increase the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or infection.

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