Ringo Starr of The Beatles would only sleep with a bandmate

When the Beatles first exploded in popularity, they undertook tours of the UK. The Fab Four got into a small car and drove around Blighty to play his music for the growing fan base that would create Beatlemania. But considering Ringo Starr was the last band member to join the group, he was the last person the rest of the crew wanted to sleep with in hotels across the country.

Starr was recruited by The Beatles in August 1962 after they cut their first drummer from the band, Pete Best. Although he hit it off with the band quickly and personally, he was still an outsider joining the close-knit trio of friends John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

As a result, when the band set off to play venues in England, the subject of sleeping arrangements quickly came up.

Starr recently looked back on those early days, saying, “Well, the great relationship, of course, with our writers John and Paul. Things that happened, when I joined the band, we only had two rooms, in hotels, we were all in the same car, we had two rooms. We were always getting to know each other.”

So when the band was forced to split into pairs, no one initially volunteered to spend the nights with Starr.

Eventually, Starr became partners with one half of the main songwriting duo of The Beatles.

He said: “Paul was the only one who would sleep with me.” Interestingly, Harrison and Lennon weren’t too sure about sleeping with Starr because they didn’t know what his sleeping habits were.

Starr claimed they said, “Oh, we don’t know if he farts or whatever.”

“Anyway,” Starr remembered. “So Paul stuck together.” They became bunkmates during the tour and spent countless nights together when hotel rooms were divided between the four members.

No doubt Starr and McCartney became extremely close because of these sleeping arrangements, but their strong friendship didn’t always last.

In 1970, the band fell out with McCartney because he wanted to release his debut solo album a few weeks before The Beatles’ final album, Let It Be, hit the shelves.

As a result, Starr was asked to go to McCartney’s farm and politely tell him that he needed to change his album’s release date. But when he arrived, the drummer received a brutal welcome.

“I was sick of it,” McCartney recalled. “It was the only time I ever told someone to GET OUT! He was pretty hostile. But things got that way at that point. He hadn’t really come to blows, but he was close enough.” He added: “Unfortunately, it was Ringo. I mean, he was probably the least guilty of any of them, but he was the scapegoat they sent to ask me to change the date, and he probably thought, ‘Well, Paul will do it. But he met to a different character because now I was definitely boycotting Apple.”

Starr then spoke candidly about what happened between the two stars. He said: “I went to see Paul. To my dismay, he completely got out of hand. He yelled at me, put his fingers in my face and said, ‘I’ll finish you now’ and ‘you’ll pay’.” “

Starr added: “He told me to put on my coat and go outside. So I did.”

After Starr endured a verbal beating from McCartney, he returned home and wrote a scathing song about McCartney.

The drummer wrote the song Early 1970, which he released in 1971 as a B-side to his It Don’t Come Easy single.


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