Review of Hex at the National Theater

Written by the theater’s artistic director, Rufus Norris, and his wife, Tanya Ronder, it’s a modern take on Sleeping Beauty, though hints of other fairy tales (Hansel and Gretel, Snow White) seem to have crept in.

The first half is fairly innocuous with three shimmering and elegant fairies descending to give the short fairy (Lisa Lambe, punkier than Puck) a chance to earn her wings by helping Princess Rose (Rosie Graham) and her royal family.

Accidentally cursing everyone with a sleeping spell, Fairy spends the rest of the show trying to undo it.

The second half is Gilliam’s ghastly, though Victoria Hamilton-Barritt goes above and beyond the call of duty as Queenie the ogre.

Despite the glitzy show and settings, it’s all a bit confusing. The user-unfriendly songs don’t help one bit.

Hex at the National Theater until January 14, 2023 Tickets: 020 3989 5455

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